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111 Explainer Videos 
My Little Black Book of Math Tips & Tricks

The ultimate summary of all 111 exam techniques and strategies I’ve taught to more than 20,000 parents’ to help their child achieve Primary 1 - 6 Math success… compacted into quick 1-minute videos and in a small book that children can bring anywhere and recap right before exams!
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2 students, Alex and Ben, walk into the classroom to take their Math paper, with only 10 more minutes to go before they need to keep all their books.

Both are equally well prepared for the exams, both of them paid close attention in class, both did all their homework assignments.

Alex takes out a huge 200 page textbook filled with earmarks and highlights, and frantically tries to flip the book as much as possible. 

Ben takes out a small black book and starts going through each tiny page calmly.

10 minutes pass in a flash. 

Alex ends up more panicky than before, because he just realised he still unfamiliar with some concepts found in page 41, page 52, page 213+... and who knows where else.

Ben looks even more confident than before.

They proceed to take their exams.

After the exam… the teacher hands them back their results.
Alex barely passed. He can’t believe it, afterall, he started preparing way in advance and spent many late nights doing assessment books.

Ben topped the class.

Alex suddenly remembers the little black book Student B took out that day.

Alex can’t help it. He finally asks:

“Hey Ben, just what is that book you used, and where can I get one?!”
Ben smiles and shares his secret…
What Made The Difference
Imagine having a top math tutor reminding your child all the critical concepts and tips that they should never forget… 5 minutes before any math exam!

That’s exactly what the videos and the little black book does. 

And it does the reminding on your behalf!

Your child no longer need to search through 200 pages of the textbook or spend days compiling summary notes, 

All he has to do is just read through diagrams and a few words on each page.

Forget having to cram 200 pages of text into your brain right before an exam… because it doesn’t work!

Here’s the story behind the videos and book...

Handcrafted By Top Math Tutor Who Has Impacted 22,358 Parents
The story above about the 2 students earlier is based on multiple true stories of how hundreds of this secret little black book were being bought through word-of-mouth from parent to parent, student to student.

And for a limited time, 50 highly-coveted copies are finally available to the public (more on that later).

My name is John Yeo, and I am the Founder of Learning Out Of The Box (LOB). 

You may have seen me on multiple media features over the past 20 years, been on my parent support group with 4,000 other parents or use some of the 22 other books I’ve authored.

This little black book was a new development of mine, having conducted live workshops and online trainings for over 22,358 parents and being a father of 3 kids myself, two of which are also currently in Primary School.

When I started having my P2 daughter use this book last year, she started scoring full marks since then all the way until now, which means she has been scoring full marks for one and a half years!
Unofficially Endorsed By HODs & 
Top School Math Teachers
 My parents from LOB took some of these books as well, started using it and showed it to their friends and family, some of them whom were holding prominent positions in schools.

A Math Head Of Department Teacher said it’s one of the most useful book she has seen in the market.

An ACS Math Teacher said it’s great.

And there’s a good reason why they all say that. 

In my workshops, I’ve seen numerous parents not knowing the fundamentals trying to teach their children, and it just builds all the wrong habits. And when they don't produce results, they continue scolding them and wonder if they are putting in effort. It's a vicious cycle and I really want to put an end to this!

However, there are only so many parents I can personally help.

90% of my classes are already full. I have a Facebook support group of over 4,000 parents but I wanted to reach out to even more parents, and I decided that a book was the best way to do this.
Who Needs This Secret?
  • Your child constantly complains about having too many concepts to remember --- and frequently makes careless mistakes because they forgot about certain concepts
  • ​Your child doesn’t know which concept to apply to which question. I’ve designed the book in such a way that when they read it, they will subconsciously recognise questions and link them to the correct concept to apply by habit!
  • ​Your child can’t summarise well and often ends up with scribbles and notes that makes them even more confused --- this book contains an excellent summary of P1 to 6 Math Concepts
  • ​Your child is not practising enough assessment books, and needs that last minute boost to hopefully get a small bump of 5-10 marks to help them pass or get a better grade 
  • ​You are not sure if you are teaching your child the correct answering methods --- I’ve met many parents who try to teach from what they remember 30 years ago with good intentions, but unfortunately end up sabotaging their child and the school teacher’s efforts with wrong methods which are simply not suitable for 7-12 year olds
  • ​You need a quick guide to help you recap and teach your child better
  • ​You have no time to teach your child, but you want them to still get the best help possible even when they are not at school or tuition classes
  • ​You don’t believe in tuition, and want a way to help your child learn independently instead
A Strategy You Can't Find In 
Popular Bookstores
You may be wondering if this is similar to any of the mountains of assessment books and guides you have bought for your child before in Popular. 

It’s not.

This is NOT a 200 page textbook or guide that your child has to somehow cram into his brain right before an exam.

This is NOT an assessment book filled up with practices that your child ends up leaving empty and brand new.

This is also NOT a “cheatsheet” or “formula sheet” or anything that is too technical… and cannot be applied if you don’t understand what the question is asking for in the first place.

Instead ...

It is a CONCISE SHORTCUT to all the critical concepts your child has to know from Primary 1 to 6, 
that he can reasonably revise in just 5-10 minutes anytime, anywhere.

Especially right before the paper, you child needs quick bite-sized concepts to remember, 
not chunks of text or hurriedly scribbled notes.

This book has 37 pages in total with 3 tips a page (111 tips in total). 
It is purposefully designed as a small, A5 sized book, to be easily digestible for children.

The best part is it can even be used from Primary 1 through Primary 6! 
Better than assessment books that you have to buy year by year.

Students of ours regularly bring along and read them 10-15 minutes right before exams, 
and secure precious minutes and score more marks because of things they remember from the book!

How To Use This Book
Here are some ways parents and children are using this book:
  • DAILY REVISION: 1-5 minutes reading 1 page, or 3 tips a day. 
  • WHEN DOING HOMEWORK: Use this book as an assistant and companion when doing homework or assessment books and your child can actively start applying these techniques and integrate it into their long term memory!
  • PRE-EXAM REVISION: Regularly read through this book at least once a day during revision week. This way, it seeps into your child’s long term memory as they are doing more practices in preparation for exams.
  • RIGHT BEFORE AN EXAM: 15 minutes before an exam, going through the black book quickly helps your child to quickly identify question types and apply the right formula to immediately solve it . The secret to scoring A is in the first place having enough time to finish the paper!
  • AFTER AN EXAM: Check your wrong answers against the method, and see which of the 111 tips you should’ve used to solve the problem.
  • FOR PARENTS: Give it to your child as a present to help them revise easier… they’ll love it! Use it to help your child identify concepts and check whether you are teaching them the correct way. This can help you spot their careless mistakes too. And if you’re a busy parent, you can easily use this as a checklist to know if they are well-prepared for exams. And remember, they can use it from P1-6!
Knowledge is Power
Here's a sample of what you will find when you read the rest of the book:
  • What to do immediately when you see “A has 20% more than B” (#Tip 2)
  • ​How to use simple shapes to solve unsimple diagrams like the area of a leaf (#Tip 7 and 8) 
  • ​How to help your child easily pick up and remember concepts like North South East West using mnemonic devices (#Tip 14) 
  • ​How to remember the number of zeroes for big numbers like one million and one kg (#Tip 23 and 24) 
  • ​How to avoid getting confused between fractions vs units (#Tip 25) 
  • ​How to easily self-check for careless mistakes like 3.13 cents or ¼ chicken (#Tip 28 and 29) 
  • ​A really simple, yet little-known bridging technique to overcome what children fear most: Percentages! (#Tip 52) 
  • ​ALWAYS do this one thing when your child solves angle questions to prevent crossed eyes and tackle the question fast (#Tip 55) 
  • ​A really simple mental shift to instantly relate to Algebra, so that your child will no longer get confused (#Tip 57) 
  • ​The “2 fingers one gap” method to avoid getting confused for interval questions (#Tip 69) 
  • ​A mental blueprint for all specific types of problem sum problems (#Tip 73) 
  • ​The U&P method for external unequal change concepts (#Tip 79) 
  • ​How to compare fractions without doing long division (#Tip 82) 
  • ​How to see in 3D for a Cube (#Tip 89) 
  • ​How to express units in Algebra (#Tip 93) 
  • ​How to draw proper timelines — especially for speed questions which are usually very hard for children (#Tip 95) 
  • ​How to immediately tackle questions like “For every 7 tickets, 2 additional free.” (#Tip 96) 
  • ​The 3 steps to tackle working backwards type of problem sum questions (#Tip 103)  
  • ​When to plus, and when to minus when you see any question with 2 Ifs (#Tip 110) 

And these are just 19 of the 111 tips my book contains that will easily 
help your child score more marks or prevent careless marks from being lost!

In case you skipped here, do go through the points above and check if there’s anything you’re unsure of. 
If there is, I guarantee this book will benefit you and your child immediately.

Don’t let your child go into an exam and try to LEARN on the spot. 
Help them to go into any exam hall fully prepared and fully confident 
by checking this book right before they go in.

Check out what some parents have to say about this book!
A Money-Saving Investment That 
Lasts 6 Years
So how much do you have to invest for a handy strategy book + 111 explainer videos that your child can use for 6 years of Math tests?

My personal goal is to impact parents of all Primary Schools in Southeast Asia in a sustainable way. So your investment will only be-

Just $193.80 For The Little Black Book + 111 Short Explainer Videos!

This is a one-time limited 15% discount that ends on Sunday 31st August. If you bought this at my online bookstore it would cost $228.
$193.80 divided by 111 exam strategies and techniques that you will be learning means 1 tip essentially costs $1.75!

Bonus Book For First 100 47 Parents: 
“14 Types Of Problem Sum Types”!
Get another one of my books on me when you’re among the first 100 47 parents to purchase my little black book!

This book is called “14 Problem Sums Types” that will help you teach your child all the common problem sum types that will appear in exams.


This book will run out of stock really soon so be sure to make your purchase as soon as possible if you’re still interested!

It Works Or It’s Free
My Math Veteran Confidence Guarantee:

If you don’t like it or find that it didn’t meet up to your expectations in any way within the first 30 days, let us know and we will give you a prompt and courteous full refund, no questions asked. You can even keep the book as an apology from us.
An Investment In Success
Here’s the thing. I’ve only produced 50 books only in this print, and future reprints are subject to demand.

The investment goes back up to $228 after Sunday as well.
As a Parent:
  • If your child is currently having math tuition, this is a perfect complement. Its also good that you can check whether your child’s tutor knows their chops by checking if your child applies similar concepts as found in this book!
  • No more struggling with teaching your child the wrong concepts that you remember from 20 years ago, or you googled or learned from a random forum. I have seen cases where parents teach their child the wrong concepts unknowingly, which is horrible. Teach as a math tutor would!
  • No need to help your child summarise notes and formulas. All the key concepts he needs is found in this book!
  • A complete checklist to know whether your child is well-prepared for exams!

For your Child:
  • Remove exam anxiety and have confidence when entering any exam. Study has shown that law of attraction - a child’s mental state before he enters an exam is more important than you think. Positivity breeds good results. Negativity breeds bad results!
  • The right process to learn math strategies. Most children end up memorising formulas because they don’t understand. But they end up not understanding how to interpret questions which is 50% of the battle.
  • Plug-and-Play. Save tons of time during exams. Your child cannot afford to “learn” questions during exams. He needs to see the first few words, immediately know what concept this is and starting plugging the formula! This is why in upper primary especially, some students struggle to finish exam papers while the A students seem to have no problem at all.
  • This book can be used from P1 to P6. So that’s one magic book you can use for 6 YEARS instead of assessment books that you have to buy and refresh year after year!
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